Why choose ZCS to perform your PHSR?

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The ZCS-team includes electrical engineers, mechanical designers, Tuv Certified Functional Safety Engineers, Laser Safety Officer and licenced electricians allowing us to take a multi-disciplinary approach to machine safety reviews (PSHR) ensuring a thorough and accurate analysis.

We are experts in machine safety design and help machine builders & robotic integrators across the world design safety systems to be compliant with CSA-Z432 & CSA-Z434 which includes use of futuristic technologies such as Area Scanners, AGVs, ABB Safemove, Dual Check Safety (DCS) & Collaborative Robots to name a few.

In terms of volume, ZCS likely completes more safety reports in Ontario, Quebec & USA each year then most of our smaller competitors combined giving our team experience on thousands of different types of equipment ranging from robotic cells, presses to CNC machines & assembly lines. Proprietary software application (developed in house) used for report generation ensure consistency across the board even as reports are generated by different professional engineers.

Dedicated project management & sales support (independent of the engineering team) ensures excellent customer service & high levels of client satisfaction. Site reviews can be booked via email or our 1800 number and are generally scheduled within 2-3 business days of a request. Reports are generally delivered within 5 business days of completing a site visit. We have assisted numerous customers with Ministory of Labour Orders and helped them get back to production.

We can provide our clients with references from various machine builders, integrators & manufacturing plants if required.