When is a PHSR needed?

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In October’ 2000 Ontario made having a Pre-start Health and Safety review mandatory for any equipment in a factory prior to production that satisfies one of the following 8 triggers:

1 Either of the following applies with respect to flammable liquids:
  1. More than 235 litres of flammable liquids are located in a building or room.
  2. Flammable liquids are dispensed in a building, room or area.
2 Any of the following are used as protective elements in connection with an apparatus:
  1. Safeguarding devices that signal the apparatus to stop, including but not limited to safety light curtains and screens, area scanning safeguarding systems, radio frequency systems and capacitance safeguarding systems, safety mat systems, two-hand control systems, two-hand tripping systems and single or multiple beam systems.
  2. Barrier guards that use interlocking mechanical or electrical safeguarding devices.
3 Material, articles or things are placed or stored on a structure that is a rack or stacking structure.
4 A process involves a risk of ignition or explosion that creates a condition of imminent hazard to a person’s health or safety.
5 The use of a dust collector involves a risk of ignition or explosion that creates a condition of imminent hazard to a person’s health or safety.
6 A factory produces aluminum or steel or is a foundry that melts material or handles molten material.
7 Any of the following are used:
  1. A travelling crane, overhead crane, monorail crane, gantry crane, jib crane or other lifting device suspended from or supported by a structure.
  2. A vehicle lift or hoist.
8 A process uses or produces a hazardous biological or chemical agent and uses a ventilation system to limit the exposure of a worker in accordance with any exposure limit set out in Regulation 833 of the Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 (Control of Exposure to Biological or Chemical Agents) made under the Act.

Per section 7(14) of Ontario Regulation 851 of OH&S Act, a copy of this report must be readily accessible in the workplace and a copy given to the Joint Health and Safety Committee. Additionally, the OH&S Act requires you implement all of the measures required for safety compliance prior to putting the machine into the production.

A revised PHSR (or Limited-Scope PHSR) is also needed when any changes, electrical or mechanical, are made to an equipment post production. This is a review of only the changes and is amended to the original, full-scope PHSR.